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A Book Reading at Chicago’s ” Authors Showcase”

In October 2014, I took part in a reading at the “Authors Showcase”, a 30 minute non-hosted, magazine style TV program and book club that introduces new books and new authors,  features segements related to book events, and provides information of interest to book readers and those in the book publishing industry. The programs is filmed at the Roots Room on Chicago’s Northwest Side. My reading included profiles of peace activist Kathy Kelly, midwife Mary Sommers, Jim Mullen, a former Chicago police officer paralyzed in the line of duty; and Capt. James Lovell, Apollo 13 astronaut.  Here’s the clip.

“First Person” Public Relations Blog

chapralis-blogChicago PR pro Sally Chapralis wrote a thought-provoking post titled “What Do High Achievers have in Common?” on her lively blog, “First Person Public Relations (September 3). Sally’s post was based on the 50 stellar Chicagoans profiled in Bright Lights of the Second City.  The founder and president of Sally Chapralis and Associates, Sally began her career as an editor/writer for several B2B magazines in the construction industry. Her journalism experience led to other positions and projects in urban development, real estate, and a variety of B2B and B2C markets. Sally also covers industry association trade shows — from public relations to convention dailies.